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Our Charts

PLANNINGCHARTS are a well-known tool used by thousands of professional long-haul pilots worldwide.

PLANNINGCHARTS are focussed on the essentials and show all relevant information at first glance.

We have the details

Airport Symbols

  • Airport usability
  • Runway directions
  • Landing capabilities
  • Suitability for medical emergency

Airport data

  • ICAO Code
  • Fire Fighting category (RFF)
  • Elevation
  • Variation

Runway details

  • Runway designators
  • Landing capabilities
  • Landing distance (LDA)

COM Features

  • COM frequencies
  • FANS info
  • Special regional procedures


keeps your charts up-to-date and handy.

Your Feedback

Captain (ret) B747-400, British Airways, 30.05.2017 Your charts were the best and I always found them very useful on all my flights.
Captain B747-400, British Airways, 01.11.2017 I downloaded your charts yesterday before my LAX-LHR sector and I have to say that I found them a great tool for improving situational awareness, with the information presented in a simple to interpret format. They are a bit like our old paper flight progress charts but with the bonus of being updated daily and with the NAT tracks overlaid. I found myself referring to your charts more often than to the official enroute map.
First Officer B777, Qatar Airways, 01.11.2017 I ‘m currently flying in the middle east and I just got the chance to use one of your charts (provided by a colleague and costumer of yours) on a flight to Auckland! The chart helped us a lot with the HF frequencies down there in Brisbane and Melbourne! I loved the presentation, the information and how often you updated!
Captain Phenom, 24.05.2017 I've enjoyed your charts for many years for free. Happy to provide some compensation for the demanding work and valuable tools.
Captain B777/787, KLM, 25.10.2017 I have been using these charts on and off since Gerd Puppel started posting them. I now mainly use them during route training or heavy crew rotation for an improved situational awareness. I have taken a year's subscription for the charts, there is a lot of potential in your project.

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